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How to clean up ornaments

In the course of long-term use, dust and stains will make the stuff you choose will look old and not as beautiful as before. Some of the tips below will help make the pattern come back like new.

1. Clean porcelain:
For decorative items such as flower pots, porcelain dolls after a period of use will appear the yellow stains inside and outside the product. Just a little vinegar or lemon juice mixed with warm water and a clean towel to wipe through your porcelain will look like new. In addition to the more simple you can use lemon juice cleanser to replace also has a great effect.

2.Material from fabric:
The process of cleaning the interior decoration of fabric such as artificial flowers, night lamps, lampshades, pots of flowers depends on the specific material of the product, direct contact with the shop owner has sold. This product is very necessary. With years of experience in the distribution of interior fabrics, we recommend that you do some of the steps below to ensure that the cleaning process does not affect the material.

+ Vacuum clean before cleaning:
If the product has accumulated a lot of dirt and stains, use a vacuum cleaner with a filter to clean the openings. This is essential for cleaning the product with water later.

Time Control:
In the event of a water spill, the first thing to do is to quickly use a soft tissue or a lightly dampened white surface. Good time management to overcome this problem will significantly reduce the damage caused to the product. Also, remember not to use cloth rub on the surface of the product.


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